Vindum Engineering Inc

Vindum Engineering Inc

In the town of Sandpoint, Idaho, Vindum Engineering Inc. Has established itself as a leading innovator, in the field of high-pressure laboratory pumps and valves known for their precision. This specialized company, established in 1987 takes pride in creating equipment that ensures uninterrupted flow serving a range of industries from energy to biofuels research and pilot plant operations.

Offering a range of top-tier products like VP Series Metering Pumps and VIPR Series Syringe Pumps Vindum Engineering has built a reputation for itself. Their product line doesn’t just include pumps. It also includes Constant Volume Automated Valves and Hastelloy Manual Needle Valves to handle types of fluids with accuracy and care in different temperature conditions.

Despite being a company Vindum Engineering holds goals, under the leadership of Christa Vindum who continues the innovative legacy of Yogi Vindum, the company’s founder.
Yogi’s creation, the constant volume valve, and the subsequent introduction of the continuous flow dual piston metering pump have paved the way, for Vindums impact on high-pressure laboratory operations. Their focus on innovation is paralleled by their dedication to meeting customer needs providing tailored services to a global clientele including major players in the oil and gas industry universities and various other sectors requiring precise fluid control.

In a world increasingly moving towards digitalization and disposability Vindum Engineering’s enduring appeal and dependable performance offer an alternative. In the paced realm of research and development having equipment that withstands time and pressure is invaluable. If you’re, in search of high-pressure solutions that do not talk the talk. Walk the walk and consider exploring what Vindum Engineering has to offer. Nestled in Sandpoint, Idaho they may just have the high-pressure solution you’ve been seeking.

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