Sun Rental Center

Sun Rental Center

Sun Rental Center, situated in Sandpoint, Idaho, offers a selection of equipment rental choices for contractors and homeowners engaging in various projects. Since its establishment in 1979, the center has earned a reputation for its service and top-notch customer support. They provide a range of equipment for tasks ranging from gardening and construction to home improvements and special events. Their inventory includes tools like air compressors, excavators, lawn aerators, and power tools as party supplies such as canopies and tables.

Located at 612 Pine Street Sun Rental Center caters not to clients but also to those in Eastern Washington and Western Montana. They offer options. From hourly to monthly. Ensuring they can meet the varied needs and durations of different projects. The center prioritizes creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers with staff ready to assist in selecting the right equipment, for specific tasks. For details or specific inquiries, contact Sun Rental Center at (208) 263-9531. Explore their comprehensive service offerings on their [website](https;//

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