James A Sewell & Associates, LLC

James A Sewell & Associates, LLC

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James A. Sewell & Associates LLC (JAS) has a history spanning over a century showcasing its dedication to delivering tier professional services, in engineering, surveying, and land use planning. Originally rooted in the quaint town of Newport in northwest Washington JAS has expanded its operations beyond communities to cover regions in both Washington and Idaho. The firm prides itself on offering cost high quality services tailored to individual client needs with a portion of its clientele being loyal repeat customers who trust and appreciate the services provided by JAS.

With a team of professionals including civil engineers, structural engineers, land surveyors, and land use planners among others JAS takes a multidisciplinary approach to all projects it undertakes. Their expertise spans services such, as managing public works projects, water and wastewater engineering, and transportation planning demonstrating their flexibility and commitment to meeting the diverse requirements of their clients.
Additionally, JAS values building enduring connections, with public clients in smaller towns where a firm grasp of local requirements and interactions is pivotal to project triumph. This focus on community, coupled with their range of services establishes James A. Sewell & Associates as a frontrunner, in their industry committed to the prosperity and longevity of their endeavors.

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