Bonner County Jail

Bonner County Jail

The Bonner County Jail, situated in Sandpoint, Idaho is overseen by the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office. Established in 1998 this facility can hold up to 124 detainees. Typically accommodates, around 85 inmates on a basis. It comprises types of cells including high-security units and dorm-style accommodations well as designated spaces for work release initiatives.

Within the jail, there are programs focused on inmate rehabilitation and well-being such as a Chaplain’s Corps, NA/AA support groups, and a GED education program. Additionally, the Bonner County Jail facilitates a Jail Training Program, Transportation Section, and a Classification Unit under its Custody Division. Visiting inmates involves video calls exclusively at set times arranged through the jail systems. Furthermore, there is a commissary service for inmates to purchase food items and personal care products.

For information on services offered or to inquire about an inmate’s status, direct contact with the jail at 208 263 8417 or visiting their [official website](https;// is recommended. To send mail or handle matters for an inmate adherence to the facility’s guidelines is essential for compliance, with their regulations.

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